An Overview of Spy Gadgets

Oct 29

An Overview of Spy Gadgets

Do you want to be a spy? Or you are already a spy? Do you want some practical way to spy on your targets? Do you want to spy gadgets? The world has not divorced the world of espionage. The spies are still working. They are even adopting a fake identity and profession. In the previous century, there were covert operations and this century too. You may find a broad collection of spy gadgets at the International Spy Museum. It is one of the few museums in the world that have spy gadgets. There is also a CIA museum in Langley, and the headquarter of elite US intelligence agency. But you can only visit it if you have an invitation. A virtual tour is possible.

Here Are Some of The Spy Gadgets:

Lipstick Pistol

Lipstick Pistol

It is a classic 4.5-millimetre single-shot weapon. It was taken from a KGB agent in mid-1960s. It is unclear whether it proves fatal or not. But six deaths related to cyanide pistols were reported in that era. It may be presumed that this pistol was used for such assassination in that period. These weapons show the real examples of active measures taken by the US and USSR in the cold war era.


Coat CameraCoat Camera

This camera, named as Model F-21, was issued by KGB in 1970. It was concealed in a buttonhole, and it has a release that presses from the pocket. You need to squeeze the button, and the fake button opens to capture an image. You may use it at public events, political public meetings and rallies without being noticed. A lot of spy agents have used this camera successfully to assassinate political leader while addressing meetings.

Microdot CameraMicrodot Camera

This spy gadget is a gift issued by the east german foreign spy agency. It is the remains of the 1960s. It takes the photos of documents and uses a chemical to shrink the text. It shrinks so down that a large number of documents appear to be a dot. Spies use this camera for hiding secret messages, and pictures of sensitive documents are transferred safely. It was used in a report which showed german interest in pearl harbour. The double agent gave this microdot to CIA.

Heel TransmitterHeel Transmitter

East Europe was the target of spies in 1960-70. Western envoys often avoided buying suits from shops there. They ordered shoes and clothes in the western stores and got the delivery via mail. The Romanian secret services got an advantage from it. They had hidden spy gadgets in shoe heels. It was discovered by a room sweeper that noticed a signal. The signal disappeared when the envoy went out.

Cipher Machine

During World War II there were a lot of spy missions. The German intelligence noticed that enemies might intercept messages sent over wireless. So they used a cryptographic device for the purpose. It looked like a typewriter, but in reality, it was a spy gadget. The keyboard was linked to rotors which were powered by the current.

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